World Formula Radio Flyer

Some Features include:

OLR 'World Formula Wagon' frame
World Formula Engine
Electric Start
K&N High Flow Air Filter
Compact High Capacity Gel Battery
Gold Series Chain
Chrome Exhaust
Hydraulic Rear Disc Brakes
Gloss Paint
Billet Tie Rods
Exclusive OLR High back racing bucket seat.

Here is the latest video of what this little wagon can do. This thing has more than enough power to push you back in the seat and handles like its on RAILS!

Here is a video that we made playing in the snow. With the WF engine it has plenty of horsepower for wheelies and power slides. As you can see in the video it handles the power very well.

Here is a short clip during the buildup. As you can see it was still in raw steel and still had the mock-up seat and steering wheel. I cannot tell you how much of a BLAST this thing is to drive.

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