Worlds First SAND RACER
We know that we have said this before, but its true this time--This is the MOST INSANE BSR BUILT TO DATE!! No expense was spared for the SAND RACER. We had to go back to the drawing board on this one; we wanted this stool to perform as well as it looks. This thing is no poser, its going to live its life in the sand. We wanted it to handle great, look killer, have enough power to scorch the sand as it sends it into a huge rooster tail, and stop on a dime. All I can say is that we succeeded! For this thing to be so big, it is as nimble as our other stools, has more power and is as stable as possible. Powerslides, wheelies, donuts, you name it-it handles it with ease. We used a custom front brake system, and several CNC plasma cut pieces.

Click here for a vid of it in action. Check back soon as we will be updating this page with more pics of the final assembly when we get it back from powdercoating, as well as an upcoming video of this beast in the sand....

Some Features include:

OLR 'SAND RACER' frame (longer, wider, stronger)
World Formula Engine
Electric Start
OLR Thumb Throttle
Safety Kill Switch
K&N High Flow Air Filter
Custom LED Underbody Lighting
Compact High Capacity Gel Battery
Nitrous Kit (2.5Lb Bottle)
Torque-A-Verter (custom tuned to engine and tire size)
Gold Series Chain
Chrome Exhaust
Hydraulic Rear Disc Brakes
Hydraulic Front Disc Brakes
Dual Handlebar Mounted Brake Master Cylinders
One-Off Front Disc Rotors and Hubs (4on4)
Billet Aluminum 8" Custom Wheels (4on4)
18" 'Sidewinder' V-Blade Padde Tires (rear)
19" 'Blacktail' Ribbed Tires (front)
Gloss Powdercoat
Billet Tie Rods
Digitron Multifunction Display (Tach/Temp/MPH)
Many More Custom Features

Be sure to check back to track the progress of this build up.
Click pics below for larger version.

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