Jet Powered Wagon
"The specs for the wagon include 2 65# pulse jet engines each burning a half gallon of fuel a minute. Built by Robert Maddox, One of the leading pulse jet builders today. Extra stopping power by a Simpson chute. We hope to exceed 100 MPH on a full dual jet run. I have a deadman switch in case I get separated from the wagon. My current site is a hold page at I will have video soon. This project is going to be really KOOOOL on test weekend. It will be run at a dry lake bed on a camping weekend in So.Cal. with cameras at all angles including a helmet cam."
-Thanks Bob Faley (BadwaterBob)

Be sure to check back here as well as Bob's site (as soon as its up and running) for more updates.

Some Features include:

OLR 'World Formula Wagon' frame (modified)
Hydraulic Rear Disc Brakes
Billet Tie Rods
Exclusive OLR High back racing bucket seat.
Wheelie Bars
Custom John Deere Wagon Pan
Simpson Parachute

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