UPDATE Be sure to check back soon as we are bringing back the CRUZER frame. This will be a frame designed for the more traditional 4 legged barstools. We have begun R&D on them and will be updating everyone here so check back in a couple of weeks for a sneak peek, or email us to inquire about pricing.


We have been commissioned by Badwater Bob to build him rolling chassis for a very unusual project-A JET POWERED WAGON!!. Click here for a few pics.

We just completed final assembly on our latest project. This one is a little different, we took a mild mannered Radio Flyer wagon and shoe-horned in a World Formula racing engine. We took no shortcuts here: we wanted to to handle as good as our barstools, so many hours were put into the steering system and weight balance. After all, what good is having LOTS of horsepower if you can't control it?? Click here!!

We have received an order for the worlds first SAND RACER. There will be no expense spared on this stool and it will be packed with one-off parts, and several custom designed pieces to make it even more unique. It will be wider, longer, faster and easily the BADDEST BSR on the planet. Construction has already begun so check back soon as we are going to be adding pics of the buildup. We only have one question for you......

Click here for some pics and a vid.

The Barstools you'll find on this site are built by Lou Williams a professional fabricator for over 25 years. They are very fast machines and will out handle any production Bar Stool on the market today. We have had a large variety of people ride our BSR's ranging from 18 to 68 years old and each one says the same thing...

"I can't believe how stable and comfortable it is"

We design our BSRs to run hard and have the handling necessary to win. You wont find any short cuts or cheap go kart parts on our BSR's. We have pulled a 1 ton Dually with it, hill climbed, raced quads and even raced go carts. It will do awesome wheelies, fast dough nuts, figure eights, power slides, 180 spins and bring home the gold on race day, all in one.

If your looking for attention this a great way to generate it. We haven't found any thing better on the market so far, if you do, please send us some pictures.

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